The Pauper's Theater
  Mission Statement

Theater is a scarcity.  It is an art of bare expression where an empty place is filled by a word or gesture.  Theater is story; in the absence of lights, sets, costumes, or sound it still thrives.  Theater is actor and audience; it is the connection between them.  Theater is the spoken word made flesh; it is the art of incarnation.  It is in this scarcity that our theater is made.

About Us

Artistic Director, Playwright/Performer
T. James Belich is the author of over a dozen plays which range in genre from mystery to children's to religious.  His works have been performed as near as Minnesota and as far away as Africa and Australia.  James has been heavily influenced by the works of C. S. Lewis, and his favorite playwrights include Pirandello and Chekhov.  In addition to playwriting, James has also been active in the theater in a variety of other capacities.  He has played a wide range of roles, including Malvolio in Twelfth Night and the Little Monk in Brecht's Galileo.  He has also worked behind the scenes in positions ranging from lighting designer to stage manager to producer.  In addition to his career as a playwright, James also has a background in the sciences, having studied physics at both Bethel University and the University of Minnesota.  He also loves to travel, and his favorite destinations include Great Britain, Costa Rica, and China.  James currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with his wife Kelly.